Certificates of Catholic Theology

The Certificate of Catholic Theology is a program specifically designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. The program is well suited for leaders in the Church who seek more formal theological training or individuals desiring to broaden and deepen their understanding of theological studies.

The Certificate provides students with an opportunity to explore the academic study of theology. It is suitable for those wanting to pursue theological training without the commitment to a full degree program.

By the end of the Certificate program, you will be able to articulate your faith in a clearer and more dynamic way. Through the series of required courses, you will delve into the foundational truths of your faith. Our courses foster study, reflection, and application within a community of learners.

A Certificate of Catholic Theology may enable you to:

  • Demonstrate competence in a given theological discipline.
  • Meet diocesan or national certification standards for the intellectual dimension of faith formation for diaconate or lay ecclesial ministry.
  • Pursue further theological studies.
  • Serve as a staff member at a local parish.

A Certificate of Catholic Theology is available for the following areas of study: Doctrine, Liturgy, Scripture, and Catechesis.


The Certificate of Catholic Theology program is open to all Catholics. The program consists of completing a series of required courses based on the concentration and then completing a final assignment which will be reviewed and discussed with you by a member of our staff. The cost of the Certificate program is $299.00 plus the costs of the individual courses. Individual course fees are $99.00 or less if your diocese is a partner diocese. For example, the cost to complete the Certificate of Catholic Theology in Doctrine, would be the course fees of the required seven courses ($99.00 x 7) and the certificate fee $299.00 for a total of $992.00.


All McGrath online courses are open to anyone. And you do not need to sign up for the Certificate program to take our online courses. The Certificate program seeks to deepen your studies.

Once you register for a Certificate of Catholic Theology program you will have three years to complete the required courses and final assignment.

A staff member will be available to provide whatever assistance and guidance you may need in scheduling your courses and completing the final assignment. After reviewing your final assignment, the staff member will discuss it with you during a phone call.

Refund policy: If, after taking your first STEP course and before beginning the second, you wish to withdraw from the Certificate Program, you may cancel your Certificate of Catholic Theology program registration and receive a refund of $199.00.


  1. Sign up and successfully complete the Foundations of Catholic Belief course. (N.B. Or prior to June 13, 2022, complete the Core Course: Introduction to the Catholic Faith or Catholic Faith and Traditions for School Teachers.) 
  2. Complete the Application for the Certificate of Catholic Theology Program in your area of interest. 
  3. You will be contacted within one week following your Application for an initial advisory session. The advisory session will verify your course schedule, discuss the final assignment options, and answer any questions you have.
  4. Once the initial advisory session is complete, register for the Certificate of Catholic Theology program in your area of interest.
  5. Register for and complete the required courses for your program area. Course registration is available one year in advance of the course scheduled start date.
  6. Complete the final assignment for your program area.

To view the list of required courses and complete the Application for a program area, visit one of the following pages:


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