Connect with others who have chosen the path of service to the Church

Select from conference tracks and retreats that inspire faithful service to the Church. The Church Life Summer Institute offers continuing education and formation for leaders at all levels of Church life. Special academic and pastoral conferences are also held during the academic year. 

Summer Institute

Vision for High School Students

Sharpen your spiritual vision for recognizing God’s grace at work in your life

Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers

Deepen your calling with the help of experts in theology, ministry, and spirituality

Summer Liturgy Series

Master principles and ideas for promoting liturgical living

Science & Religion Seminars

Develop teaching methods that challenge the notion that science and religion are in conflict

Bishop D'Arcy Program in Priestly Renewal

Renew your priestly calling with time for prayer and personal reflection

Strong Foundations for Pastoral Leaders Program

Thrive and find sustainable success in ministry with expert resources, guidance, and support

Teaching Life and Human Dignity Symposium

Discover how to integrate life and human dignity issues in the classroom

Toward a Renewed Catholic Communications Pedagogy

Move the Church and academy to more thoughtful use of media

The Church Communications Ecology Program

Empowers Church leaders to respond creatively to the gifts and challenges of the digital media environment

Academic & Pastoral

Called & Co-Responsible: Summer Seminars for Church Life Renewal

Weekly series of digital seminars aimed at empowering pastoral leaders and scholars for the work of renewing the Church

Called & Co-Responsible: Exploring Co-Responsibility for the Mission of the Church

Exploring co-responsibility for the mission the Church

Science & Religion Institute Days

Collaborate with teachers and administrators in your diocese, school or area to create curricula