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We welcome partnerships with dioceses, schools, and other organizations. The rich theological resources of Notre Dame can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group. Here are some of the ways in which a partnership with STEP can help you accomplish your educational mission:

1. Discounts on STEP Online Courses: Participants in our scheduled courses will receive a discount per course. We will help you advertise courses and promote student participation.

2. Customized schedule with STEP facilitation: We will run an existing course specifically for your group of participants according to your schedule.

3. Customized schedule with local facilitation: The same as above except for greater local involvement and tailoring of course objectives. You will provide a local facilitator, who holds at least an M.A. in theology, who STEP will train.

4. STEP Student Assessment Program: This program is for students of formation programs, lay or diaconate, who partner with STEP to provide the theological component of the formation program. Its aim is to provide formation directors with a strong assessment of the theological competency of their candidates preparing for ministry. We assess their learning through essays after courses are completed.

What they're saying

“As a longtime Catholic educator, my first priority as the director was to find a way to deliver top quality theological education for our LEM formation program. We conducted a diocesan survey online; we concluded that academic offerings would be most likely to succeed if they were: available in an online format, affordable, challenging in content, but suitable for some who might have been away from college for years, designed to involve interaction with other adults, available to people who lived in great distances. STEP offered courses that were easily accessible and that the content was outstanding. I liked the discussions and weekly chat. The technical support made participation uncomplicated and easily managed.”

–Susan Northway, Director of Religious Education Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah


"I teach New Testament to high school students and although I studied New Testament in graduate school, I know that I need a lot more background. I like the distance-learning format. I am very busy with work on several diocesan commissions and my responsibilities at work also prevent me from going to a class that meets weekly. Salt Lake City is not an area that offers theological studies that meet my needs."

-Teacher, Salt Lake City


“My experience with STEP has been outstanding. The online format provides opportunities to study challenging material from outstanding professors. The discussion sessions with other students are one of the best features, leading to deeper thought about various aspects of each course. I keep coming back to these classes because, by increasing my knowledge, they have deepened my faith.”

-Kalista Lehrer, Lay minister, New York


It was a pleasure to work with Notre Dame STEP staff to design the theological course work for our deacon formation program. This was the first time in our diocese that we implemented a hybrid learning model in the intellectual formation area of our program. The excellent academic content of the Notre Dame STEP courses, in conjunction with some of our own local “theological anchors” (local experts that assisted our deacon candidates to assimilate the content deeper and integrate the academic learning experience into their future diaconal ministry), was a successful formula as we strive for excellence and pastoral relevance in the academic offering of our deacon formation program.

-Uli Schmitt Director of the Office of Clergy Formation, Diocese of Sacramento, CA.


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