Called & Co-Responsible: Exploring Co-Responsibility for the Mission of the Church

March 4-6, 2020 at the University of Notre Dame

"Co-responsibility demands a change in mindset especially concerning the role of lay people in the Church. They should not be regarded as “collaborators” of the clergy, but, rather, as people who are really “co-responsible” for the Church’s being and acting."

Pope Benedict XVI

Called & Co-Responsible is an academic and pastoral conference dedicated to exploring what the idea “co-responsibility” for the “Church’s being and acting” might mean, both for the laity and for the ordained. This conference will try at least to glimpse the full potential of the idea of co-responsibility and its fruitfulness for the life of the Church going forward. This involves asking what is the “change in mindset” that Benedict mentions?  

We do not imagine that “co-responsibility” is a matter of a zero-sum game of power sharing. The common priesthood of the baptized and the ministerial priesthood of bishops and priests are “ordered to one another,” and “the ministerial priesthood is at the service of the common priesthood” (CCC #1547). Exploring co-responsibility would be exploring the potential of this ordering of the two sharings in the priesthood of Christ. 

Our hope is that the Church herself might become a culture of formation to a co-responsibility which appropriately recognizes both the sanctifying, teaching and governing mission intrinsically associated with Holy Orders as well as the responsibility of the laity to “go forth” and reach the various peripheries, less accessible to the clergy, Pope Francis has mentioned.

Presentation Videos

Co-Responsibility and Leadership

John C. Cavadini
Audience questions & answers begin at 49:04.

Co-Responsibility for a Culture of Healing in the Church

Kerry Robinson
Audience questions & answers begin at 30:47.

Co-Responsibility in Church Management: A Model from the Archdiocese of Chicago

Betsy Bohlen
Audience questions & answers begin at 32:20.

Faces of Prayer: Co-Responsible Approaches to Evangelization

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano
Audience questions & answers begin at 39:27.

Promoting Co-Responsibility in the Local Church

Bishop Bill Wack, C.S.C
Audience questions & answers begin at 46:41.

Forming Pastoral Leaders for Co-Responsibility

Colleen Moore and Msgr. Michael Heintz
Colleen Moore's presentation begins at 00:11.
Msgr. Michael Heintz's presentation begins at 27:45.
Audience questions & answers begin at 55:52.

Co-Responsibility for Evangelization in the Church: The Role of Christian Sacrifice

Archbishop Rino Fisichella

Promoting Co-Responsibility in the Hispanic Community for the Health of the Multicultural Church

Katherine Angulo
Audience questions & answers begin at 50:54.

Works of the Spirit

Andrés Arrango and Henry Cappello
Andres Arango's presentation begins at 00:11.
Henry Cappello's presentation begins at 28:53.
Audience questions & answers begin at 56:45.  

Parish Formation

Katie Diller Gleason  

Catholic Education

Erin Barisano and Elisabeth Sullivan
Erin Barisano's presentation begins at 00:10.
Elisabeth Sullivan's presentation begins at 34:16.

Cultures of Life

Sr. Therese Marie, S.V. and Margie Pfeil 
Sr. Therese Marie's presentation begins at 00:11.
Margaret Pfeil's presentation begins at 26:29.
Audience questions & answers begin at 47:11.

Lay Empowerment

Carlo Lancellotti and Fr. Michael Sweeney, O.P. 
Carlo Lancellotti's presentation begins at 00:15.
Fr. Michael Sweeney's presentation begins at 27:13.
Audience questions & answers begin at 45:51.


Clemens Sedmak and Michel Therrien 
Michel Therrien's presentation begins at 00:14.
Clemens Sedmak's presentation begins at 31:28.
Audience questions & answers begin at 1:01:55.

Called & Co-Responsible Conference Closing Remarks & Next Steps