Elisabeth Sullivan

E Sullivan Headshot

Elisabeth Sullivan, Executive Director, The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education 

A former journalist, Elisabeth developed her passion for Catholic liberal education while exploring authentic formation in faith and reason for her own children. She joined the Institute in 2010 to promote the recovery of the Catholic intellectual tradition in elementary schools and high schools, and to train educators in its philosophy and practice. Elisabeth is honored to support the vocations of Catholic school teachers, who play a vital role in nurturing the hearts, minds, and souls of the young. She has taught writing and literature, served on Catholic school boards, and served as director of communications for a classical liberal arts school in the Catholic tradition. Elisabeth is a CiRCE-Certified Classical Teacher who holds a B.S. in Humanities from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and an M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She and her husband have three sons, two of whom are proud ND grads.