Curriculum Resources

Euthanasia and End-of-Life Decision-Making Case Studies

Philosophy, Religion/Theology, Health/Wellness

Teacher Guide

Student Guide

White Board Presentation [Video]

Understanding Philosophical Arguments About Abortion


Introduction to Utilitarianism

The Death Penalty: An Affront to Life

Social Studies

The Price Of Our Humanity: Disability Selective Abortion and Cost-Effectiveness

Social Studies (Economics), Health/Wellness

The Placenta and Fetomaternal Microchimerism: Radical Mutuality at the Cellular Level

Biology, Health

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - The Anatomy of the Placenta

Video 3 - The Function of the Placenta and Maternal Adaptations

Video 4 - Microchimerism 

Social Security and Medicare Funding Challenges

Economics, Social Studies

Down Syndrome and Disability Selective Abortion

Biology, Health, Social Studies

Are There Too Many People in the World? What Economics Can Tell Us

Economics, Social Studies