Teaching Human Dignity

Promoting the Culture of Life through Education

TheTeaching Human Dignity series is a one of a kind collection of units, learning sequences, lesson plans, and resources that empowers teachers to incorporate life and human dignity issues into existing curriculum. Designed by Notre Dame faculty members, these resources take seriously the complexity of life and dignity issues in the modern world, and develop a consistent, unified approach that upholds the inviolable worth of every human being. All resources are available free of charge.

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Units Lessons Round

Units provide multi-day lesson plans, in-depth instructional notes, a letter to the parents, student safety survey, pre-assessment, post-assessment, relevant standards, learning goals, etc. Lessons include presentation materials, instructional notes, and accompanying worksheets.

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Expert Guides

Expert Guides Round

Expert guides provide a concise, in-depth dive into a single life and human dignity issue. These guides are written by expert faculty who are engaged in the issue through their own research, writing, and teaching.

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Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources Round

Curriculum resources are stand-alone resources that a teacher can incorporate into an instructional plan. These can include videos, infographics, case studies, assessments, testimonials, project-based learning assignments, etc.

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