How Americans Understand Abortion: A Comprehensive Interview Study of Abortion Attitudes in the U.S.: This landmark study is a must-read for anyone committed to understanding not only what Americans believe about abortion, but how they think about it. 

University Life Fellows

University faculty are invited to be University Life Fellows for the academic year. This seminar aims to accomplish the following:

  1. Collect pedagogical materials on life-related issues to be made available to others for classroom-use;

  2. Think together about effective pedagogical approaches to life issues, many of which are currently not taught, despite their importance, because they are deemed too controversial; and

  3. Shape an environment within which faculty members and students from across academic disciplines can benefit from such resources, approaches, and classroom tested models.

Meet the Life Fellows

The Life Fellows (plus occasional invited guests) meet twice a semester. At each meeting, two Fellows give a presentation on pedagogical materials pertinent to different topics in the panoply of pro-life concerns and suitable for inclusion in the classroom, whether as an entire course, a discrete unit within a course, or even a single class period. Each Fellow is expected to attend each meeting and make a presentation at one meeting.

These presentations and discussions within the small working group of the Fellows are re-presented to a larger, public audience in a symposium at the end of the academic year. A new set of University Life Fellows will be selected each year for a new “round” of regular meetings, exploring new topics and building upon the pedagogical resources assembled by the members of the inaugural group of Fellows.

Those interested in knowing more about or getting involved in this faculty engagement seminar are welcomed to contact the Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity at 574.631.9781.