Student Support

Pregnant and Parenting Students Assistance Fund

Notre Dame’s Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Fund (PPSA) manifests the University’s commitment to life by assisting undergraduate and graduate students encountering a planned or unanticipated pregnancy and by easing some of the hidden financial costs facing student-families, costs that can impose huge financial burdens for students living on a budget. Funding is secured by the Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity and distributed through the Office of Student Affairs.

For more information about the pregnancy support resources at Notre Dame or to contact a pregnancy support advocate visit the Office of Student Affairs.

Student resources

Notre Dame is committed to offering students resources that support a student's choice of life—both during the pregnancy and after the child’s birth. The University will make every effort to provide pregnant and parenting students with caring, non-judgmental, and professional assistance and support.

Please visit the Office of Student Affairs for a complete list of resources.