Science & Religion Initiative

The Complementarity of Faith and Reason

Catholic Tradition holds that there are two "Books of God": the Book of Nature and the Book of Scripture, both of which point to and reveal the invisible God who is both transcendent to and immanent in the world. Despite the complementarity accorded to faith and reason in Catholic Tradition, the modern period has been marked by conflict and misunderstanding that has polarized science and religion. 

While acknowledging areas of tension and the need for respecting the integrity of the disciplines, the Science & Religion Initiative at the McGrath Institute for Church Life attends to areas where dialogue between religion and science can be fruitful and where integration is possible. The programming of the Science & Religion Initiative equips educators to be competent and effective communicators of the complementarity of faith and reason, science and religion.

Opportunities for Educators

The Science & Religion Initiative offers continuing education for leaders, administrators and educators involved in the disciplines of science and religion.

Teaching Materials

The Science & Religion Initiatitve offers teaching materials, including lesson plans, videos, and presentations, across a variety of topics. 

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Foundations Seminar

The Foundations Seminar gives attendees a chance to read key texts in religion, philosophy and science; to dialogue as a community of educators; and to attend a week-long seminar on campus.

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Capstone Seminar

The Capstone Seminar is a follow-up to the Foundations Seminar for teachers and administrators of truly exceptional schools that have either completed our first-year seminar or who have already developed substantial courses in the dialogue between science and religion.  Held on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, Capstone is an intensive 2.5-day seminar, focusing on advanced issues in science and religion with a continued emphasis on curricular development.

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Faith & Reason Days

Faith & Reason Days are exciting opportunities for Catholic high schools to partner with the McGrath Institute for Church Life in providing excellent in-service programming for educators and administrators on topics in science and religion. We work with individual schools to tailor an on-site, in-service experience that meets the particular needs of a school, its teachers, administrators and students.

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