Early Admission & Commitment Opportunity

Apply to be a member of the class of Echo 22 (Summer 2025-2027)

The Opportunity

Echo’s goal is to form innovative & integrated Catholic leaders to serve the Church. In that mission, we seek to attract talent that represents the diversity and dynamic gifts of faithful young adults. To that end, we are exploring more pathways for talented young adults to be able to take advantage of Echo’s resources and formation. During the current admissions cycle for Echo 21 (2024-2026), we are pleased to offer an early admission and commitment opportunity for talented and interested candidates. Interested candidates would apply during the current application cycle, following a similar process as those who would be applying for the Echo 21 class. But, if admitted, their commitment to the program would begin during the summer of 2025 (instead of Summer 2024). They would then join the class of Echo 22.

Although not restricted to them, Echo welcomes applications from exceptional candidates who are in their junior year. As a part of their admission to Echo and in conversation with the Echo staff and admissions committee, some of these candidates will be invited to participate in a paid recruitment fellowship supporting special Echo recruitment projects during their senior year.

The Process


  • Interested candidates should schedule a conversation with Scott Boyle, Echo’s Director of Recruitment and Outreach to talk about their goals and their interest in applying for this opportunity.


  • If interested in moving forward after a conversation with Scott, candidates should then:
    1. Write a 250-500 word Statement of Interest demonstrating their circumstances and advance interest in the Echo program and why they wish to make this commitment.
    2. Students should also submit a letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to their suitability for advance admission. Letters of Recommendation can be submitted directly by the recommender to Scott at sboyle2@nd.edu.
    3. Students should send a copy of their unoffical transcript to Scott Boyle at sboyle2@nd.edu.

All of the above steps should be submitted and completed at the LATEST by January 1st, 2024.


  • Once these materials are submitted, the Echo Admissions Team will review the submitted materials and respond, in writing, within one week.


Please direct all inquiries to Scott Boyle, Echo's Director of Recruitment and Outreach by emailing sboyle2@nd.edu or by calling 574-631-0459.