Vision Mentors-in-Faith

Our application to be a 2023 Mentor-in-Faith is now LIVE! Click the button below to be taken to the application page!


Since many were unable to attend, we are also sharing the recording of the info session below, held on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022. We would welcome the chance to speak with you more if you have any questions or even want to talk more about the program. Please reach out to us at or 574-631-7425!

Begin an unforgettable journey of faith

For 20 years, Vision conferences have been helping high school students better understand their gifts and how to live them out in service to the world. Throughout that time, Vision has been hiring and forming a community of 50-60 student “mentors-in-faith” from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s & Holy Cross College to act as the primary leaders of these conferences. They are first through fourth year students representing a multitude of academic disciplines, interests and activities, but what they all share in common is a willingness to build community and offer their gifts to this ministry. Over the course of a summer, our mentors will lead small groups, facilitate dynamic music for the program, act as dorm counselors, and accompany the high school students. Journeying together, mentors and participants unpack larger program sessions to consider who they are and who God is calling them to be. 

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Undergraduates at Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, and Holy Cross College can apply to serve in the following roles: Click here to learn more.

Small Group Mentor Music Mentor Master Mentor
Vision Small Group 2022
Vision Music Mentor 2022
Vision Master Mentor 2022
Facilitate small group discussions and serve as dorm counselors Lead music for the program and work in small groups Return for a second summer and help lead new mentors




Where do good Mentor candidates come from & what qualities do they possess?

  • There is no one singular profile of a Vision mentor and they do NOT need to be a theology major. Candidates come from all sorts of backgrounds! Seventeen members of our team each year commit to music ministry, so any musicians are desirable candidates. Successful candidates have a good sense of their own story and the opportunities/challenges that have been present along the way on their journey of faith. We look for students who can be a witness to their story for others and be a generous collaborator and teammate. 

Do Mentors need to be Catholic?

  • No, they do not. Each year, we admit non-Catholic mentors to serve as a part of our community. While the conference and formation are animated by a Catholic imagination, we emphasize the baptismal vocation and call of the Christian, recognizing that we are all created to live in relationship with God by using our gifts for the benefit of our neighbor and the glory of God.

What’s the preparation like?

  • Each Mentor will complete a 3.0 credit theology course designed specifically for Notre Dame Vision—“The Catholic Imagination” with Prof. Leonard DeLorenzo—as well as a series of pastoral skills workshops prior to serving in our summer conferences (for a total of 5.0 credits).  The workshops will attend to the themes of communication, small group facilitation, faith sharing, holistic hospitality, and sharing stories of faith.  The Mentors will also join a semester-long faith-sharing group as well as partake in multiple retreats in preparation for their summer of ministerial leadership.

What do Mentors receive? 

  • For their work, each mentor will receive a stipend, free room and board during the summer of service as well as extensive training and formation throughout the spring and summer of 2023.   


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Fear comes from thinking you’re alone. Notre Dame Vision confronted me with real community and told me not to be afraid.

Sam Bellafiore

Serving as a Notre Dame Vision Mentor-in-Faith gave me a glimpse of how God would reveal Jesus to me: through listening to and walking with young people.

Raquel Falk