Echo Graduate Service Program

Application instructions and information on applying for Echo's 18th cohort of apprentices can be found here! Please direct any questions to Scott Boyle, Echo's Associate Director of Recruitment and Formation at

Echo will conduct program courses and events remotely until a University decision is made to allow students to return to campus. If you have any questions, please email us at

Forming lay leaders for service in the Church

Earn a Master of Arts in Theology at the University of Notre Dame while serving in a parish or school in one of the Echo partner dioceses located throughout the United States. Echo students benefit from a robust formation program that integrates their work, study, and life of faith to serve the Church and explore a career in ministry.

  • Study theology for two summers on campus at Notre Dame
  • Work full-time during the academic year in a Catholic parish or school while taking courses online
  • Engage in intellectual, human, and spiritual formation in community
  • Receive a competitive stipend, housing, and health insurance benefits


Who we are

Echo students are a gifted and diverse group of recent college graduates with a sincere desire to grow in knowledge, faith, and service through personal, communal, and professional formation. While living in community with others and working in their assigned parish or school, students live, learn from, and serve the catechetical mission of the Church.


Where we serve

Echo partners with Catholic dioceses across the nation that are eager to assist in the formation of upcoming lay leaders. Partner dioceses provide the best resources for professional development in catechetical ministry, one-to-one mentorship, human and financial resources, theological reflection, and housing for Echo communities.

2018 07 11 Echo Map


Echo students receive many tangible benefits that spring forth from the foundational belief that those who commit themselves to serving the Church deserve the very best support, resources, and compensation. As John Paul II stated clearly in Catechesi Tradendae (15):

[The Church] is bidden to offer catechesis her best resources in people and energy, without sparing effort, toil or material means, in order to organize it better and to train qualified personnel.

We offer these outstanding benefits to enrolled students:

  • a competitive stipend for your on-site parish or school service
  • a tuition-free graduate degree in theology
  • housing and utilities at no cost
  • an educational allowance each summer
  • full meal plan and rent-free housing during summers at Notre Dame

Our alumni

Echo prepares lay leaders for a wide range of full- or part-time roles following graduation. Echo alumni have served in more than 60 dioceses in parish and diocesan youth and young adult ministry, adult faith formation, multicultural ministry, high school teaching, high school and college campus ministry, social work, direct service to the poor, and even law school and doctoral work.

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Echo is so much more than an internship or graduate degree. It's a formation program that gives you the opportunity, resources and guidance to grow in faith and professional leadership.

Stephanie Sonnick

My experience in my Echo community, especially, gave me support in learning how to work in the Church and trained me in living out my daily life with others in a faith context.

Beth Franzosa