Earning a tuition-free master’s degree in theology

The Catholic Church is in need of well-formed leaders who are skilled at integrating academic theology and pastoral ministry. Echo students earn a master of arts degree in theology from the University of Notre Dame. Echo, in collaboration with the Department of Theology, seeks to provide robust intellectual formation in the basics of Catholic doctrine as well as training in the art of theological reflection.

Coursework provides the opportunity to study Sacred Scripture, Church history, liturgy and the Sacraments, moral theology, systematic theology, spirituality, and catechesis. Apprentices assigned to parish work take additional classes in pastoral ministry, while those working as theology teachers take theological pedagogy courses. For complete course descriptions, visit the Notre Dame Department of Theology website.

Here's a listing of the courses that were offered last summer (Summer 2023).

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The M.A. in Theology in Echo consists of the following components:

  • a 36-credit master's program in theology, with a focus on teaching the faith and catechesis;
  • intensive summer coursework on campus, supplemented with online courses throughout the academic year;
  • opportunities for academic advising and theological mentoring by Notre Dame faculty;
  • practical theological, pedagogical, and catechetical workshops;
  • an on-campus seminar utilizing case study method for the integration of theological studies and ministerial praxis; and
  • a comprehensive capstone seminar comprised of online coursework, an academic paper, and an on-campus presentation.

Contact Geoff Burdell to learn more about the Echo program’s partnership with the M.A. in Theology degree program.