Liturgy Network

The Liturgy Network is an association of professional liturgists providing a network of support and a source for continuing education.

Individual membership is available for all those involved in liturgical ministry on a local, national, and international level, as well as liturgical scholars at colleges and universities. Membership fees are $45.00 for one year or $80.00 for two years.

Office membership is available for (arch)diocesan or denominational offices of worship, or for liturgical resource centers or organizations. Membership fees are $75.00 for one year and $140.00 for two years.

Membership includes:

• Access to the Google Groups forum for members. (Office memberships may have one main contact and up to four additional Google Groups members.)
• Annual membership directory

To join, download the appropriate PDF registration/renewal form below:

Individual Liturgy Network Renewal Form

Office Liturgy Network Renewal Form