Vision for High School Students

Since planning for anything during a pandemic is inherently tentative, the dates below are subject to change based on the evolving understanding of COVID-19 and its impact along with CDC and University guidelines.

2021 Vision Summer Dates

God is calling. How will you answer?

Each year, Vision conferences at the University of Notre Dame offer high school students from all across the world the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tradition and campus life of Notre Dame as you learn from the witness of the saints and develop practices to live your faith.  For five days, sharpen your spiritual vision to recognize God’s grace at work in your life and immerse yourself in the Notre Dame campus. Sleep in the dorms, eat in the dining hall and pray at the numerous sacred spaces across campus. 

Notre Dame Vision combines the theologically-rich experience of nationally-known keynote speakers with the mentorship of college students. From large group sessions to small faith-sharing groups comprised of your peers, Notre Dame Vision gives you the space and the community to ask big questions about how God is calling you to use your talents in service to the Church and world.


Notre Dame Vision helped me realize that even though I’m not perfect God still loves me and will always love me. I started to understand how the Lord works in my everyday life. I saw what gifts he gave me, and now I can use these gifts to help others through the church. God made me, alive and wonderful, with all my passions to better this world!


Saying that Vision was extraordinary would be an understatement. From day one, I was introduced to people around me who not only shared my faith, but wanted to help me find God in things I never expected. I’m learning to accept how I have been gifted by God, and Vision has opened this gate for me.


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What makes Notre Dame Vision unique among faith-based summer programs for high school students is the invitation to theological depth offered to young people accompanied by the leadership of the undergraduate Mentors who receive robust theological and pastoral formation for their ministry. 

The investment of time and resources into the formation of undergraduate Mentors reflects a focus on cultivating a personal, authentic and theologically sound small group experience led by these undergraduate Mentors. In this space, the mentors and participants come to know one another as they share meals, pray and recreate together while enjoying the beautiful campus of Notre Dame.  With this foundation, the Mentors and participants build the trust necessary to more openly and honestly probe the deeper questions of God’s call in their lives while listening to keynote speakers, participating in the sacraments, and building community throughout the week. Through this experience, Vision hopes to enkindle the flame of God’s love that will last beyond the week, grounding a lifetime of faith.

  • Notre Dame Vision is open to students entering ninth grade through newly-graduated high school seniors.
  • Come on your own, bring a friend, or register as part of a church or school group.
  • Learn more about organizing a group and earning discounts on registration costs!

Campus and youth ministers, learn about Notre Dame Vision CYM, our companion program, designed especially for you.

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Information for Parents

Información para los Padres

Conference Details


Since planning for anything during a pandemic is inherently tentative, the dates below are subject to change based on the evolving understanding of COVID-19 and its impact along with CDC and University guidelines.

June 21-25

June 28-July 2


Notre Dame is located 90 miles east of Chicago, in South Bend, Indiana. Participants will be housed in student dorms and will eat in the dining hall. The beautiful campus has two lakes, walking paths, athletic facilities, and restaurants.


For individuals applying by the early deadline, the 5-day conference costs $350 plus a $100 deposit. Discounts apply for groups of 5 or more. Registration includes housing, meals and conference materials for Monday evening to Friday midday (meals end with breakfast Friday).

Frequently Asked Questions


We want to ensure every young person has an opportunity to attend Notre Dame Vision. The Emerging Leaders Scholarship aims to form new leaders in the Church and for those individuals needing financial assistance. The scholarships will cover up to $300 of the $475 total registration fee for Notre Dame Vision. 

Qualifying for the Scholarship

Emerging Leaders are young men and women who are currently in high school (or will be in the Fall of 2021) who are open and willing to provide leadership to their peers in matters of faith formation. 

  • The Emerging Leaders Scholarship is for young men and women who will benefit from the leadership development and faith formation opportunities of Notre Dame Vision so as to become more effective, confident and faith-filled leaders in their own communities. 
  • Emerging Leaders are also those young men and women interested in exploring a vocation to the priesthood and religious life so as to learn specific ways to enrich their vocational exploration.
  • In addition, the Emerging Leaders Scholarship seeks to support those young men and women who may lack the financial means to attend Notre Dame Vision.


The high school student must complete an online application (available in December) that includes the Vision Program application, $100 deposit payment, a two-part essay and a brief letter from an adult who is nominating the young man or woman. The Application Essay and Nomination Letter will be uploaded into the online form.  Full details and instructions can be found in the Nomination Info Packet (available in December) and in the Emerging Leader Application Form (available in December).

Instructions for Applying

Applications for the Emerging Leader Scholarship will go live in December.

  1. Review the Nomination Info Packet (available in December) & watch the instructional video (available in December) to see what you will need for the application process. 
  2. Request Nomination Letter & Compose Essay
  3. Apply via the Emerging Leader Application Form (you will need the Nomination Letter to upload as part of the process).


All nomination applications must be submitted by February 22, 2021.  Notification of the Scholarship will be sent out mid-March.


Reach Megan Shepherd, program director of Notre Dame Vision at or call 574.631.8290.

Saints and Scholars

Saints & Scholars offers an additional week of formation for high school students who desire more learning beyond Notre Dame Vision. In partnership with Holy Cross College, students spend one week at Notre Dame Vision followed by a second week at Holy Cross where they study theology and learn how to put faith into action through the lens of a particular discipline.

Find out more about Saints & Scholars by visiting the program website found here.

Students can apply for one of the following tracks:

  • The Medicine of Mercy: Theology and Public Health 
  • God’s People on the Move: Theology and Human Rights
  • A Voice in the Wilderness: Theology and Media
  • God, Guts & Glory: Theology and Sports
  • Living Laudato Si’: Theology and Ecology
  • Prophets with Profit: Theology and Business


Option 1

  • Week 1 (Vision): June 21-25
  • Week 2 (Saints & Scholars): June 27-July 2

Option 2

  • Week 1 (Saints & Scholars): June 20-25
  • Week 2 (Vision): June 28-July 2

How to apply

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until no spots remain. The application process is different from the regular Vision application.

Application Details

Apply Now to Notre Dame Vision!


Early Deadline (March 27)

Regular deadline* (May 15) Apply Now
Individual $350/person plus $100 deposit $375/person plus $100 deposit The Application Process for Vision will open in December
Group of 5+

$325/person plus $100 deposit

$350/person plus $100 deposit

Saints and Scholars $425/person plus $375 deposit $425/person plus $375 deposit Saints & Scholars Application

*Notre Dame Vision will accept applications up to 28 days prior to the start of each session, if spots remain.

Instructions for applying

  1. The videos below provide an overview of the application process. The Online Applications are currently being updated for 2021.  Please note: there is no sound.

    Individual Registration

    Group Registration

  2. Apply via the Vision Online Application (available in early December) which includes the submission of online waiver, medical and code of conduct forms (available in early December) and pay the $100 deposit per applicant via credit card or online check

  3. Prepare for Notre Dame Vision by reading Information You Need to Know (Información en Español).
  4. Pay the balance due by May 15, 2021 via the Online Store or mail a check to

Notre Dame Vision
334 Geddes Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574-631-7425
Fax: 574-631-6968

Financial assistance

We encourage students to apply for the Emerging Leaders Scholarship. A limited amount of financial assistance is also available. Submit a Financial Assistance Request to be considered.

Wait list

If any of our sessions reach capacity, please see our 2021 Wait List Procedures.

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