Campus and Youth Ministers

Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers

Explore your call to service in God's Church

Strengthen and expand your ministry to young people in the Church. At Notre Dame Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers, network with other Church leaders from across the country as you continue your education and formation with the assistance of experts in theology, ministry, and spirituality.

Take time for prayer and personal reflection while being immersed in the beautiful and sacred Notre Dame campus. The week explores the dynamics of God's call for us and our response through theological reflection and personal renewal.

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Thin Veil

A Cohort for Holy Cross Campus and Youth Ministry Leaders

“There is so little distance between heaven and earth that God always hears us. Nothing but a thin veil separates us from God.”
- St. André Bessette

Cohorts include:
♦ Virtual gathered sessions
♦ Theology sessions with Notre Dame faculty
♦ Practical ministry formation
♦ Individual coaching
♦ Spiritually rich retreat opportunities

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