Parent Information

We are committed to working with you to care for your teenagers while providing them with opportunities to grow in faith as well as in their understanding of themselves.  Please review the additional information we have provided just for parents. Parent Information PDF

As a Parent, you are the primary educator and nurturer of your child. Notre Dame Vision stands to support you in that role. We begin our work with the belief that your teenager is uniquely called and gifted to live life fully. At Notre Dame Vision, we empower your children to ask and answer the question: How will my gifts change the world?

Notre Dame Vision is a transformative experience; this is a program that makes a difference. Parents, perhaps more than any others, notice the benefits of Notre Dame Vision for their children, including:

  • Developing a real sense of God’s presence in their life
  • Improved relationships within their own family
  • More positive self-image
  • Better understanding of and appreciation for the Sacraments
  • Better motivated in school and activities
  • Greater sense of direction and purpose
  • More interested in faith-life and the Church
  • Expanded desire to serve others
  • More willing to talk about and share faith with others
  • Increased awareness of their own giftedness

Mentors-in-Faith: Notre Dame Students as Counselors

Who they are:

60–70 students from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross representing a variety of majors and experiences. These mentors range in age from rising sophomores to graduating seniors.

How they are selected:

175–200 students apply for one of these positions annually. Applicants complete an extensive application and a 60-minute interview.

Their roles and responsibilities:

Each Notre Dame Vision Mentor-in-Faith assumes one of two roles:

  • Small Group Mentor (43–53 annually): Primary responsibilities are to facilitate small group meetings throughout the week and to serve as residence hall counselors.

  • Music Mentor (16–19 annually): Primary responsibilities are to lead all music throughout the program in addition to performing 3 musicals written for Notre Dame Vision.

How they’re trained:

Every Mentor-in-Faith completes at three-credit Theology course designed for Notre Dame Vision. This course attends to all of the theological themes of the program, in addition to issues of facilitation, appropriation, and articulation. Music Mentors also meet weekly to rehearse the Notre Dame Vision repertoire and musicals, while Small Group Mentors engage in workshops for small group facilitation, faith sharing, and leading prayer.

Why they’re an asset:

The Notre Dame students who serve as Mentors-in-Faith are a resource that cannot be replicated anywhere else. These are bright, faithful undergraduates who are exceptionally well-trained and well-supported for Notre Dame Vision. Only a few years older than the participants, they are understanding listeners, and a whole lot of fun!

Head staff:

Notre Dame Vision is under the direction of a dedicated and talented head staff, including: Director, one Associate and one Assistant Director, Chaplain, Music Director, Assistant Music Director, Theology Instructor, Music Instructor, three Program Assistants, & Dorm Coordinators.

Safety and Supervision

The campus of the University of Notre Dame is a very safe and virtually self-sufficient community. Each summer, more than 20,000 visitors travel to Notre Dame to partake in a program, academic course, pilgrimage, or vacation. Many of these visitors are high school age or younger, which means that Notre Dame is familiar with hosting minors on its campus. Below are just a few of the features of the Notre Dame Vision and Notre Dame summer community life in which you may be interested:

  • Notre Dame Vision residence halls are single-sex: men are never allowed in the women’s hall, and vice versa. No one other than Notre Dame Vision participants and staff, and other authorized University staff members, are ever allowed in the dorms.

  • An Office of Housing hall staff manages each dorm.

  • Notre Dame Vision Mentors in Faith live in the dorms with Notre Dame Vision participants and serve as resident counselors.

  • All Notre Dame Vision staff members complete the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend’s Safe Environment Training, in addition to passing criminal background checks.

  • The Notre Dame Security Police Department and Notre Dame Fire Department serve the campus community.