Dates and Location

Foundations Seminars

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (June 16-21, 2019)

Foundations Notre Dame offers a humanistic approach featuring lectures by scientists and theologians, as well as collaborative discussions and workshops. This seminar will be live streamed for participating schools.

Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA (June 23-28, 2019)

Foundations New Orleans offers a more STEM-oriented approach with hands-on scientific experiments and lessons that integrate theological concepts and reflection. Participants will work in a high school laboratory hosted by neighboring St. Mary’s Dominican High School.

Capstone Seminar

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (June 30 - July 2, 2019)

Capstone is designed as a follow-up to Foundations for educators and administrators of truly exceptional schools that have either completed our first-year seminar or who have already developed substantial courses in the dialogue between science and religion. Capstone is an intensive 2.5-day seminar, focusing on advanced issues in science and religion with a continued emphasis on curricular development.