Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?


Jordan Hall of Science, University of Notre Dame








Would you baptize an extraterrestrial? Please join us for this unique opportunity to hear Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J.,  address this and other questions from emails he receives as an astronomer of the Vatican Observatory. "Would you baptize an extraterrestrial?" Good question ... "What happened to poor Pluto? ... What was the Star of Bethlehem?" 

Br. Consolmagno, S.J.,  is the curator of the Vatican meteorite collection, one of the largest collections in the world, housed in Castel Gandolfo. His research explores the origin and evolution of small bodies in the solar system and in 2000 he was honored for his contributions with the naming of the asteroid 4597 Consolmagno. He is the recent recipient of the prestigious Carl Sagan Medal.

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