Info You Need to Know

What does Notre Dame Vision CYM have to offer my existing ministry?

By engaging you in a personally formative experience of the dynamic of God’s call and the response of faith, Notre Dame Vision CYM enables you to develop and incorporate a strong sense of vocation into your current ministry to young people and through music. The message and resources that Notre Dame Vision CYM has to share will support both your ministry and you.

You will also receive a certificate of completion of ongoing formation and continuing education. The certificate is accompanied by a document detailing the content of the Notre Dame Vision CYM experience. This can be applied to diocesan and high school requirements for continuing education and ongoing formation.

Do Notre Dame Vision (high school) & Notre Dame Vision CYM come together during the week?

Notre Dame Vision and Notre Dame Vision CYM are separate, though complementary, experiences. The majority of your time will be spent with other CYM participants in your conference. The communities will gather together for two keynote presentations, in addition to prayer, worship, meals, and entertainment at different points throughout the week. These points of intersection between the Vision high school and CYM program will provide broader experiences of our faith community and will be both energizing and enriching for the participants of both programs.

Can I attend and observe Notre Dame Vision (for high school students) instead of participating in Notre Dame Vision CYM?

Because Notre Dame Vision is an experience created specifically for high school students while Vision CYM is for adults, adults are not permitted to attend Notre Dame Vision’s general sessions or presentations, unless it is as part of the Notre Dame Vision CYM program. There will be opportunities to observe Notre Dame Vision in action throughout the week, while experiencing the Notre Dame Vision CYM program for yourself.

Do I need to attend Notre Dame Vision CYM during the same week as the youth from my high school or parish attend Notre Dame Vision?

No. It is not necessary for you and your young people to attend during the same session. The message and experience of Notre Dame Vision and Notre Dame Vision CYM remain consistent across each session of the summer, so you can build on your shared experience of Vision with your youth without actually having been at Notre Dame during the same week. Likewise, your discount will not be affected.

Who is responsible for the high school students who attend Notre Dame Vision during their week at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame Vision CYM is a chance for you to focus your energies on your own personal and ministerial formation, so you will have no responsibility for any young people during the week. While you’re welcome to interact with your young people throughout the week, chaperoning, small group facilitation, and all other programmatic responsibilities are left to the Notre Dame Vision team.

Under the leadership of the Notre Dame Vision staff, students will be closely chaperoned by a team of 60 Notre Dame undergraduates who will serve as counselors, mentors, and facilitators for the high school students throughout the week. Staff provided by the Office of Residence Life will further supervise dorms. In addition, there will be a number of adults leading the large group sessions for Notre Dame Vision who will also serve as chaperones. Your young people are in good hands!

Are there any single rooms available?

The only housing that we are able to guarantee is double occupancy rooms in dormitories on Notre Dame’s campus, although we do accept requests for single rooms (please note, however, that there is an additional $100 fee is charged for participants who request and receive single rooms). All Notre Dame Vision CYM participants will be housed in an air-conditioned dorm. We will honor any request you make for a roommate and will assign roommates otherwise. Should you prefer to find your own accommodations, you are certainly welcome to do so. If you do choose to stay somewhere else we regret that we are unable to deduct the cost of housing from the overall participation fee since the University of Notre Dame provides double-occupancy housing free of charge to participants.

Will I have any free time? What is there to do on campus?

Yes, you will have ample free time to rest, relax, and recharge! We invite you to explore Notre Dame’s beautiful campus: walk the lakes, visit the Grotto, exercise in the athletic facilities, take a tour of the stadium or the Performing Arts Center. Reserve some time (and money!) to spend at the Bookstore and check out Legends, the on-campus bar/restaurant. We want to make sure that you leave Notre Dame energized and renewed in mind, body, and spirit!

What are the departure and arrival times?

Check-in time is 2:00-4:30pm on Monday at Geddes Hall. Check-out time is 12:30pm on Friday.

How do I get to Notre Dame?

Notre Dame is located in Northern Indiana on the Michigan border. Campus is 90 miles east of Chicago on the 80/90 toll road, exit 77. South Bend is serviced by the South Bend International Airport, which also contains the South Shore Train Station and the Greyhound/United Limo main bus terminal. For a complete list of travel schedules visit www.sbnair.com.

The South Bend (SBN) airport is 5 miles from campus. Participants arriving by plane or train to this airport are advised to take a taxi to campus ($10–$16 each way). If you plan on flying into Chicago airports: The shuttle bus that ran between Chicago Airports and South Bend ceased operation in December 2019 and it is unknown what options may exist for Summer 2023. It is encouraged to fly into South Bend Airport. More information can be found here

How do I apply?

See the Application Details page for information on the application process.

Are there any discounts?

Absolutely! Notre Dame Vision CYM participants receive $20 off the registration fee for every student you send to a Notre Dame Vision conference. (Deposits may also be discounted.) If you are organizing a group of 5 or more high school students to attend Notre Dame Vision, please visit the Notre Dame Vision application page to learn about being a “Group Organizer.” As a Group Organizer, you will serve as the only contact person for your group, and must complete the Group Organizer Info Form, available on the Notre Dame Vision Application Details page.

What are the deadlines?

March 22, 2024     Early application deadline ($25 discount)

May 20, 2024        All applications due*

*Applications will be accepted up to 28 days prior to the start of each session

Is the registration fee refundable?

The $100 deposit is neither refundable nor transferable, but registration fees will be refunded for participants who cancel no less than 28 days before the start of their session. For example, for a youth minister registered for the June 24-28 session, cancellation must be made via email or telephone before the end of the day on May 27.

Does Notre Dame Vision Create Wait Lists?

Yes. Please learn more by reading our 2024 Wait List Procedures.

Contact the Notre Dame Vision Office:

334 Geddes Hall Notre Dame, IN 46556 Phone: 574-631-7425 Fax: 574-631-6968 ndvi@nd.edu