Tuesday July 9

Welcome (John Cavadini)

9:00am: Introduction (Brett Robinson)

Institutions at the Forefront of Curricular Development

  • Anthony Monta, “Toward a Renewed Catholic Communications Curriculum,” Holy Cross College
  • Daniel Arasa, “Building Up From Knowledge, Experience and Community," Pontifical University of Santa Croce
  • Alba Sabaté Gauxachs, “Face to Face Religion: Blanquerna Observatory 5R Communication Model,” Blanquerna Observatory of Media, Religion and Culture, Ramon Llull University

Exploring the Relationship Between Form and Content

  • Fr. John Wauck, “Truths that Only a Story Can Tell,” Pontifical University of Santa Croce
  • Fr. Paul Soukup, SJ, “Faith Seeking Understanding: A Communication Tour,” Santa Clara University
  • Read Schuchardt, “The Oracle Will Hear You Now:  The Digital Future as Ancient Soothsayer,” Wheaton College

Wednesday July 10

Spiritual Formation and Freedom in the Digital Environment

  • James Poulos, “The Catholic Church in the Digital Context,” Executive Editor, The American Mind
  • Luis Vera, “Our First and Most Intimate Medium: Why Catholics Should See Media As Memory Technologies,” Mount Saint Mary’s University
  • Nadia Delicata, “A Theology for the Bodiless: A Prolegomenon to Catholic Sacramental Formation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” University of Malta

Theological, Rhetorical and Critical Literacies

  • Daniella Zsupan Jerome, “Pneumatological Pedagogy for Ministerial Formation in Digital Culture,” Loyola University New Orleans
  • John Jasso, “The Prodigal Returns: Reclaiming Rhetoric as an Art for Catholic Communications,” Ave Maria University

Thursday July 11

From Public Relations to Proclamation

  • Fr. Jordi Pujol, “Journalism and the Church: From Enemies to Allies,” Pontifical University of Santa Croce
  • Dennis Cali, “Homiletics for the Digital Age,” University of Texas at Tyler
  • Craig Maier, “One Body, Blessed and Broken: Catholic Professional Communication Pedagogy in a Time of Fragmentation,” Duquesne University