St. Albert Initiative Bridges Faith and Science

By Margaret Scroope

Heather Foucault-Camm speaks to students as part of the St. Albert InitiativeHeather Foucault-Camm speaks to students as part of the St. Albert Initiative

The McGrath Institute’s Science & Religion Initiative (SRI) hosted its annual St. Albert Initiative for Teachers and Students at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans this month. Developed alongside the Society of Catholic Scientists (SCS), and with grant funding from the John Templeton Foundation, the St. Albert Initiative is a school day program on science and faith for Catholic high school students, teachers, and parents. It features short talks by Catholic scientists and the opportunity to meet, eat with, and ask questions of Catholic scientists in many fields.

With over 230 registered participants, this was the most popular of these events to date. The day began with a lecture highlighting the Church's historical relationship to and support of science given by SCS President Stephen Barr. SRI's Heather Foucault-Camm discussed recent advances in A.I. and their impact on integral human development.

This initiative is named after St. Albert the Great, bishop, scientist, philosopher, theologian, teacher, and patron saint of natural science and scientists.