Mathis Liturgical Leadership Program Participant Reflects on His Time with the Program

By Margaret Scroope

Mathis Leadership Liturgical group at St. Peter's BasilicaMathis Leadership Liturgical group at St. Peter's Basilica

Mathis Liturgical Leadership Program (MLLP) participant Robert Dunn is the focus of the article "Finding Communion" in Parable magazine, from the Diocese of Manchester. In it, Dunn reflects on his time with the MLLP and offers his thoughts on the study of the Eucharist and the transformation of politics.

“He chose 'The Eucharist and the Transformation of Politics' as his topic because he contends that Americans tend to look at the Church’s connection with politics in a narrow, transactional way – from issue to issue and election to election” says the article’s author, Cori Urban.

“For Dunn, this is especially timely topic in a presidential election year. New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary gives New Hampshire Catholics an entrée to the national stage that Catholics in the rest of the country do not have,” adds Urban.

This issue of Parable also includes the first of what will be a regular column Dunn will contribute on the Eucharist and politics.

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