Janet Effron, M.A.

Director, Online Learning

364 Geddes Hall

Janet Effron serves as the Director of Online Learning at the McGrath Institute for Church Life. She is responsible for supporting the development and delivery of online learning through effective use of technology as well as through analysis of course design, learner activity, and learning outcomes. 

Coming from a technical background, Janet worked in the field of digital learning, creating data-driven methods to assess and improve instructional design in order to support learner success.  After receiving an M.A. in Theology, she joined the McGrath Institute for Church Life in 2021. 

Her areas of interest include user centered design, performance improvement, data analytics, text analytics, and process improvement.  Current research areas include the impact of technology on evangelization and catechesis, and the optimization of learning experience design for distance learning. 

Janet enjoys cycling, hiking with her family and dogs, and cozy evenings with a good book or a knitting project.