Benito Medrano

Program Director, Holy Family Initiative

356 Geddes Hall

Benito is director of the Holy Family Initiative for Family Catechesis at the McGrath Institute for Church Life. This initiative embraces the needs, challenges, and potential of multigenerational migrant families fostering a deeper knowledge and experience of our Catholic faith as parents and grandparents are equipped to communicate it to second and third generations. This program is currently being piloted in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and the Diocese of Raleigh.

Benito has previously worked in diocesan positions in California. As Hispanic Ministry coordinator in the Diocese of Fresno, he accompanied those who ministered to Spanish-speaking apostolic movements, migrants, and jóvenes (Hispanic youth and young adults), and more recently he served as Young Adult Ministry coordinator for the Diocese of Orange. He has also been engaged in regional and national committees and boards serving pastoral juvenil hispana (Hispanic youth and young adult ministry) and migrant ministry.

Born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico, Benito relocated to the Central Valley in California with his parents and 4 siblings. In his free time, he enjoys sci-fi shows and movies, non-fiction books, and pastries.