Diocese of Knoxville

Knoxville 16Therese Benz, Kelly Deehan, Taylor Tovey

Therese Benz

Echo Placement:
St. John Neumann Catholic School

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Undergraduate Institution Area(s) of Study:
University of Notre Dame, 2019
English, Pre-Med, Theology (minor)

What have you enjoyed most about your Echo experience thus far?
Teaching has absolutely been the best part of Echo thus far. Despite its daily challenges and difficulties, it has been one of the most life-giving experiences of my life. I get to work for my students, to strive to love and serve them the best I am able, and I am incredibly grateful for that opportunity.

Kelly Deehan

Echo Placement:
All Saints Catholic Church

Salisbury, Maryland

Undergraduate Institution Area(s) of Study:
The Catholic University of America, 2019
Theology, Art (minor)

What do you hope to do after Echo?
After Echo, I could see myself continuing to work in parish ministry, working within a high school as a campus minister or theology teacher, or perhaps doing something that I have not even considered yet. I am looking forward to using my time in Echo to further discern my call to work for the Church and what that will look like for me.

Taylor Tovey

Echo Placement:
Sacred Heart Cathedral School

Flint, Michigan

Undergraduate Institution Area(s) of Study:
University of Dayton, 2019
Secondary Catholic Religion Education; Religious Studies; Human Rights Studies (minor)

What are your favorite hobbies and activities outside of your ministry work?
Outside of teaching, I love to get outside of the house and into nature and take advantage of the beautiful trails and parks in Knoxville. God's creation is seen all over.