Archdiocese of Portland

Portland 15Andie Bodary, Ally Zimmer, Amanda Bolanos

Andie Bodary

Echo Placement:
St. Clare Catholic Church
New Boston, Michigan
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Hillsdale College, 2018
Religion, Classical Education (minor), Art (minor)

What do you hope to do after Echo?
I have been hoping to be a high school theology teacher for a few years, but also know that my time in Echo will help show me where my strengths, weaknesses, and interests lie. These experiences will help me as I discern where I am called to work after Echo.

Ally Zimmer

Echo Placement:
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Omaha, Nebraska
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
University of Notre Dame, 2018
Theology, Psychology, Catholic Social Tradition (minor)

What attracted you to Echo and helped you decide to join the program?
I liked the strong emphasis on practical experience that Echo offers in addition to the academic work of earning the degree. I hope to serve the Church in some capacity after I graduate, and Echo gives me a clear path to gain the experience and education that I need to get there, in addition to the formation that will benefit me in this kind of vocation.

Amanda Bolaños

Echo Placement:
St. Pius X Catholic Church
Palm Springs, California
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Boston College, 2018
Perspectives & Political Science, Film Studies (minor)

What advice would you give to Echo applicants?
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your application. This vulnerability will shine through as authenticity.