Echo 15 - Portland, OR

Echo 15 PortlandAlly Zimmer, Amanda Bolaños, and Andie Bodary, Echo Apprentices for the Archdiocese of Portland.

Ally Zimmer

Echo Placement:
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Omaha, Nebraska
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
University of Notre Dame, 2018
Theology, Psychology, Catholic Social Tradition (minor)

What attracted you to Echo and helped you decide to join the program?
I liked the strong emphasis on practical experience that Echo offers in addition to the academic work of earning the degree. I hope to serve the Church in some capacity after I graduate, and Echo gives me a clear path to gain the experience and education that I need to get there, in addition to the formation that will benefit me in this kind of vocation.

Amanda Bolaños

Echo Placement:
St. Pius X Catholic Church
Palm Springs, California
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Boston College, 2018
Perspectives & Political Science, Film Studies (minor)

What advice would you give to Echo applicants?
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your application. This vulnerability will shine through as authenticity.

Andie Bodary

Echo Placement:
St. Clare Catholic Church
New Boston, Michigan
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Hillsdale College, 2018
Religion, Classical Education (minor), Art (minor)

What do you hope to do after Echo?
I have been hoping to be a high school theology teacher for a few years, but also know that my time in Echo will help show me where my strengths, weaknesses, and interests lie. These experiences will help me as I discern where I am called to work after Echo.