Echo 15 - Lafayette, IN

Echo 15 LafayetteJocelyn Alcala, Stephanie Snyder, and David Miranda, Echo Apprentices for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana.

Jocelyn Alcala

Echo Placement:
Pastoral Office for Family Life and Hispanic Ministry
Riverton, Utah
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
College of Saint Benedict, 2017
Elementary Education, Hispanic Studies (minor)

What attracted you to Echo and helped you decide to join the program?
I was attracted to studying theology while also working in the Church. I would like to be a formed lay person so that I may help communities that are underrepresented.

Stephanie Snyder

Echo Placement:
Church of the Blessed Sacrament
Naperville, Illinois
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Saint Mary's College, 2018
Psychology, Religious Studies, English Writing (minor)

What do you hope to do after Echo?
After Echo I hope to find a position as a youth or young adult minister in a Catholic parish.

David Miranda

Echo Placement:
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish (Purdue University)
Kenner, Louisiana
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Villanova University, 2018
Humanities, Communication, Theology (Minor)

What advice would you give to Echo applicants?
My advice would be to use the application as a discernment tool. There is no "right" answer that Echo is looking for. As you go through the short answer questions, use it as a time for prayer and honest reflection about your life and experiences. Don't stress over it!