Echo 14 - Indianapolis, IN

Echo 14 IndyLibbie Steiner, Will O'Shea, and Theresa Inoue, Echo Apprentices for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Libbie Steiner

Echo Placement:
Saint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church
Portland, Oregon
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Boston College, 2017
Theology, Spanish (minor)

What do you hope to do after Echo?
I hope to work in campus ministry at a Jesuit high school or college, work at a Catholic non-profit focused on immigration justice, environmental justice, or nonviolence, or spend some time doing service in Latin America.

Will O'Shea

Echo Placement:
St Pius X Catholic Church
Cork, Ireland
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland, 2012
Bachelor of Education with History

What kinds of things are you up to in your Echo parish?
Some of my ministries include RCIA, special needs catechesis, and 5th grade catechesis. I am also getting the opportunity to experience and assist with a wide variety of other ministries such as young adult ministries, adult faith formation, youth ministry, and campus ministry.

Theresa Inoue

Echo Placement:
Archdiocesan Office of Catechesis
San Diego, California
Undergraduate Institution & Area(s) of Study:
Franciscan University, 2017
Theology, Catechetics, with a concentration in Youth Ministry

What have you enjoyed most about your Echo experience thus far?
Community by far has been one of the biggest blessings, including the larger Echo community, the individual class community, and the intentional faith community. I am so fortunate to have support from others who are enduring the same field of ministry.