Class of Echo 17 is Announced!

The McGrath Institute’s Echo Program at the University of Notre Dame is delighted to announce and welcome 31 new students who have made the commitment to serve the Church, engage in integrative formation, and work toward their Master of Arts in Theology for the next two years. The largest class in Echo’s history, our students will pursue summer coursework through Notre Dame’s Department of Theology while serving in ministerial/teaching roles in parishes, Catholic high schools and middle schools, and diocesan offices during the other nine months of the year. These students will serve in the Arch/Dioceses of Galveston-Houston, Indianapolis, Lafayette-in-Indiana, Newark, Portland, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, and Salt Lake City in the United States as well as the Diocese of Meath, Ireland.

We have listed the names and the colleges/universities of the incoming class of Echo 17 below and are grateful for their ‘yes’ to learn and serve the Church! 


Elizabeth (Liz) Canto 
Elon University, BA 2018

Emily Daversa
Stonehill College, BA 2020 

Angela DeCantis-Whitley 
York University, BA 2012                    
University of Toronto, MA 2014 

Monica (Moni) Desmond 
Franciscan University of Steubenville, BA/MA  2020  

Christina Dietzler
Villanova University, BA 2020 

George Doyle
Saint John's University, BA 2020 

Audrey Ellis
Duke University, BS 2019 

Lauren Enriquez 
Marquette University, BA 2020

Isabel Fernandez
DeSales University, BA 2020 

Mason Fredenberg
University of Portland, BA 2020 

Kayla Garza
University of St. Thomas, BA (Dec) 2019  

Grace Gibbons
Iowa State University, BS 2018        
Utah State University, MA 2020 

Margaret Gonzalez
Vanderbilt University, BS 2020 

Katherine (Katie) Groves 
University of Dallas, BA 2020 

Shelby Hawks 
Franciscan University of Steubenville, BA (Dec) 2019 

Michael Kelley
University of California Berkeley, BA 2020 

Mayetta Martel
University of Portland, BS 2019 

Katherine (Katie) Mascari
Texas A&M University, BS (Dec) 2019

Katherine (Kate) Molinari
Seton Hall University, BS 2016
Fordham University, MS 2020 

Meghan O'Brien
Saint Mary's College, BA (Dec) 2019 

John O'Neill
University Of Notre Dame, BA 2020 

Hannah Rao
Villanova University, BA 2020 

Lauren Revay
The Catholic University of America, BA 2020

Jillian Riegle
Hillsdale College, BS 2020

Adriana Rivera
University of Notre Dame, BA 2016 

Allyson (Ally) Rudd
University of Notre Dame, BA 2020 

Timothy (Tim) Ruflin
Mount Saint Mary's University, BA 2020

Diana Salgado Huicochea
University of Portland, BA 2020

Daniel Stanton
University of Michigan, BS (Dec) 2019 

Edith Torres Monzón
Grand Valley State University, BA 2019

Alexis (Lexie) Wasinger 
Fort Hays State University, BA 2019