Echo Courses

THEO 60222 Christian Doctrine for Catechists
3 credits, John Cavadini

This course is intended to serve as a resource for catechists and religious educators. It provides a basic theological introduction to the material represented in Pillars I and II of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: the Creed and the Sacraments. The course is specifically designed to cover this material in a way that will provide facility in teaching it in a variety of contexts. Readings will come not only from the Catechism, but also from various primary sources, both traditional and contemporary illustrative of the theology that forms its background. The course will be especially useful for anyone wishing to acquire an understanding of the basic doctrines of the Catholic faith and of the theological integration of these doctrines.

THEO 60848 Pastoral Theology
2 credits, Janice Poorman • Echo first year participants only

This course is designed to assist newly selected apprentice catechetical leaders within the Echo Program in their preparation for lay ecclesial ministry. Participants learn fundamental pastoral/ministerial skills and processes involved in theological reflection, facilitation of growth in faith, pastoral counseling, parish administration, spiritual direction, and ministry to distinct groups by age and culture. Class sections include interactive lectures and small group work, as well as introductions to pastoral utilization of case study method, learning covenants, and formalized professional mentoring relationships. Class sessions also afford participants opportunities to engage veteran catechetical leaders from local parishes on topics pertinent to contemporary catechetical leadership in the Roman Catholic Church.

THEO 60853 Theological Integration
3 credits, Janice Poorman • Echo 2nd year participants only

This course represents a continuation of Theology 60847 and is designed to assist apprentice catechetical leaders in Echo in their ongoing integration of theological studies and professional ministerial praxis. Having completed a full academic year of parish ministry, participants nurture their emerging ministerial identities and skills. They utilize class sessions for advanced work in theological reflection based on case study method and for seminar facilitation of conversation on theological topics pertinent to catechetical leadership in the Roman Catholic Church. In addition to deepened exploration of ministerial skills and processes emphasized during their first year in Echo, participants engage in facilitated appropriation of leadership skills such as ministerial collaboration, mutual empowerment, delegation, community building, conflict resolution, volunteer management, parish needs assessment, and effective pastoral communication.

THEO 60893 Theological Pedagogy
3 credits, Todd Walatka • required for Echo theology teachers

This course will provide an introduction to pedagogy for theological educators. The primary focus of the course will be on a) the vocation of teaching theology and b) basic pedagogical principles for the theology classroom. Students will engage educational and sociological research relevant to teaching high school theology and learn pedagogical techniques which build upon this research. Much of the class will be spent working through how to teach key doctrinal moments in the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ High School Curriculum Framework in a pedagogically effective manner.

THEO 60894 Intro to Catechetical Theology
3 credits, Tim O’Malley

This course provides an introduction to the theological principles undergirding the ministry of catechesis. In the first week of the course, we devote significant attention to a theology of revelation grounded in the pedagogy of God. In the second week, we attend to the fundamental tasks of catechesis with particular attention to historical texts that embody these tasks. In the last week, we treat contemporary questions in catechesis related to catechetical pedagogy, culture, and the arts.