Paradisus Dei - Christian Prayer

Next Session: May 03, 2020


Christian Prayer

This eight-week course integrates the teachings of the Catechism on prayer with the experiences of the Martin family to better understand how our spiritual lives and family life are woven together by our relationship with God. Help missionaries to perceive the light of St. Therese that our family life at home is "that family life that never ends."

Week 1: Prayer as Relationship, Prayer and Salvation History

Week 2: The Domestic Church, The Martin's Domestic Church

Week 3: The Filial Relationship in Prayer; The Filial Relationship, Prayed

Week 4: Filial Prayer in the Martin House, These as Child

Week 5: Ecclesial/Maternal Relationship, Therese as Mother

Week 6: Spousal Relationship, Therese as Spouse

Week 7: The Little Way of Prayer; The Little Way, Daily

Week 8: Missionaries to the Family, Revolution of Tenderness



Dr. Catherine Cavadini-Pagliarini

Dr. Catherine Cavadini-Pagliarini

Katie teaches courses within the undergraduate and MA curriculum as well as directing the MA Program. Education: Ph.D., History of Christianity: Medieval, Patristic, and Liturgical Studies, University of Notre Dame. Research and Training Interests: The history of biblical interpretation, especially medieval interpretation of the Song of Songs.