Called & Co-Responsible: Summer Seminars for Church Life Renewal presents "The Forgotten Devotional Life: Remembering Co-Responsibility through Practice”



"The Forgotten Devotional Life: Remembering Co-Responsibility through Practice”

  • Hosted by Tim O’Malley, Director of Education; Academic Director, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, McGrath Institute for Church Life,
  • with John Cavadini, McGrath-Cavadini Director, McGrath Institute for Church Life,
  • and Dr. Maria Morrow, Adjunct Professor of Catholic Studies, Seton Hall University,
  • and Anna Nussbaum Keating, Author of "The Catholic Catalogue"

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The McGrath Institute for Church Life is hosting a series of virtual seminars throughout summer 2020 aimed at empowering pastoral leaders and scholars for the work of renewing the Church, especially in light of present challenges. This series builds upon the “Called & Co-Responsible” conference convened in March 2020, which explored and promoted the shared responsibility of all the baptized for the evangelizing mission of the Church. With special attention to how the pandemic in recent months has disrupted the typical rhythms of dioceses, parishes, schools, and home life, the call to co-responsibility is as timely as ever. Seminars in this series will follow that call by examining how the laity and clergy might together commit to renewing the life of the Church both now and into the future. Seminars in the series will include pastoral presentations, case studies of pastoral approaches, and discussions among participants. See here for complete schedule.