Dante, Mercy, and the Beauty of the Human Person: V and VI


Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

Comprising five evenings with two lectures featured back-to-back each time, this series convenes on February 11, February 24, March 16, March 29, and April 7. The series is designed to accompany the audience as they make their way through reading Dante's Divine Comedy during Lent and into Easter. Coinciding with the Year of Mercy, this series also responds to what Pope Francis said about Dante and his poem in relation to the 750th anniversary of the poet's birth: "[The Divine Comedy] is an invitation to rediscover the lost or obscured meaning of our human path and to hope to see again the glowing horizon on which the dignity of the human person shines in its fullness." 

6:00pm:  Beginning Midway: Reading Dante in the Midst of Life

  • Prof. Matthew Treherne, Head of the School of Languages, Cultures and and Societies, University of Leeds; Co-director, Leeds Center for Dante Studies

7:15pm: Hastening to Heal: Purgatorial Prayer and the Order of Grace

  • Prof. Leonard DeLorenzo, Department of Theology; Director, Notre Dame Vision, University of Notre Dame
Academic Course: running alongside the lecture series, a 1.0 credit academic course is being offered to students. If you would still like to register for this course (THEO 30864 with the same name as this lecture series), please do so through InsideND or by contacting the instructor, Prof. Leonard DeLorenzo.
Reading Groups: whether participating in the course or not, all members of the local community are invited to join reading groups as they make their way through reading Dante’s Divine Comedy during Lent and into Easter. To join a reading group, please complete this simple form. You will be contacted to confirm final group information.

All are welcome. For further information, contact Brett Robinson, brobins6@nd.edu or 574.631.6109