Lessons for Life Symposium


Geddes Hall Andrews Auditorium/Coffee House


Join us for the annual Lessons for Life Symposium. University Life Fellows present the pedagogical units that they have developed this year. Light refreshments and discussion will follow the symposium in the Coffee House. 

Each year the Office of Human Dignity & Life Initiatives invites eight faculty members to serve as Life Fellows. We spend the year discussing concrete proposals for integrating life issues across the curriculum. By developing a united pedagogy across all the life issues, from abortion, to assisted suicide, to the death penalty, to the treatment of embryos, to human trafficking, to poverty, to war and genocide, the University Life Fellows Project makes the appropriate distinctions among life issues while also cultivating the common logic upon which all these issues draw-sanctity of all life and the dignity of the human person. Thus, our world-renowned scholars of law, political science, biology, sociology, theology and history provide content that transcends mere instruction and offers healing to a world wounded by injustice.