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What makes Notre Dame Vision unique among faith-based summer programs for high school students is the invitation to theological depth offered to young people accompanied by the leadership of the undergraduate Mentors who receive robust theological and pastoral formation for their ministry. 

The investment of time and resources into the formation of undergraduate Mentors reflects a focus on cultivating a personal, authentic, and theologically sound small group experience led by these undergraduate Mentors. In this space, the mentors and participants come to know one another as they share meals, pray, and recreate together while enjoying the beautiful campus of Notre Dame. With this foundation, the Mentors and participants build the trust necessary to more openly and honestly probe the deeper questions of God’s call in their lives while listening to keynote speakers, participating in the sacraments, and building community throughout the week. Through this experience, Vision hopes to enkindle the flame of God’s love that will last beyond the week, grounding a lifetime of faith.

  • Notre Dame Vision is open to students entering ninth grade through newly-graduated high school seniors.
  • Come on your own, bring a friend, or register as part of a church or school group.
  • Learn more about organizing a group and earning discounts on registration costs!

Campus and youth ministers, learn about Notre Dame Vision CYM, our companion program, designed especially for you.


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