Vision CYM Academy

Due to ongoing health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic, on-campus Vision conferences have been suspended for the summer of 2021. A new, two-week experience will be offered virtually from June 21-July 2, 2021: Vision Academy for Catholic Life and Leadership


The Vision CYM Academy for Catholic Life and Leadership is designed for those serving in campus and youth ministry and includes opportunities for theological exploration and personal renewal with a community of campus and youth ministers from across the nation. Engaging and enriching keynotes, facilitated discussions, prayer, and reflection address the various aspects of God's call for each of us and the response of faith.

During the two-week program, participants will have access to:

  • Daily live gatherings Monday-Friday (1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Eastern) with other CYM participants hosted by Michele Gelaude incorporating theological reflection, community building, and pastoral rejuvenation
  • Presentations by theologians and practitioners in the areas of youth ministry, leadership, and spirituality
  • Curated resources from the McGrath Institute for Church Life on the intersection of science and religion, life and human dignity, and digital communication 
  • An overview of the track content of the Vision Academy (literature, music, art, scripture, and testimony) and practical ideas for integration into ministry
  • Opportunities to engage in community life and prayer with the wider Vision Academy including high school participants and families through keynote sessions

Creating a space for networking, community, growth, prayer, and fellowship, Vision CYM participants will gather each day from 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern time for an interactive space of engagement, presentations, and Q&A from our outstanding guests such as Mike Patin and Becky Eldredge. There will also be opportunities for engagement with several key members of the McGrath Institute for Church Life on topics such as Science & Religion, Life & Human Dignity, creating a Eucharistic culture in youth ministry settings, ministry in a Multicultural Church, fostering our scriptural imagination along with the resources from the thematic tracks (art, music, literature, scripture, testimony). 

Featured Speakers include: 

  • Mike Patin
  • Becky Eldredge
  • Katherine Angulo 
  • Chris Baglow
  • Jess Keating
  • Tim O’Malley

While engaging in a virtual space, there will be ample opportunities for prayer and socializing as well. Outside of the 1-2:30 pm Eastern slot, there will be a few options for gathering with the other CYMs in the evening for social, prayer, as well as general sessions open to the entire program including the Catholic Life sessions and evening keynote and prayer sessions.  

Daily Schedule (all times listed as Eastern):

Vision Cym Schedule

The Vision CYM Academy for Catholic Life and Leadership deepens your theological vision and prayerful dispositions so that you may better respond with evangelical courage and confidence to the needs of the world today.

What is the process for applications?

The applicant will complete an application including a short essay (200-600 words) and submit a payment for the deposit of $100. The full price for the Vision Academy is $200. If financial assistance is requested, the award will be deducted from the remaining balance of $100.  

The first part of the essay will respond to the following prompt:
Please describe why you want to attend the Vision CYM Academy for Catholic Life and Leadership.  What are you hoping to experience? How are you hoping to grow? 

The second part of the essay will respond to the following prompt:
What have been some of the challenges of the past year? Where are you most in need of spiritual, theological, or pastoral nourishment?

Your responses will help us to craft an experience that will best meet your needs during these challenging times.

What is the due date?
The deadline for the Vision Academy Application is May 15, 2021.  Full payment of the remaining balance is due by May 31, 2021.