Capstone Seminar 2019

"Human Intellect and Consciousness at the Frontiers of Modern Science”

June 30 - July 3, 2019 

The advances of modern science and technology have brought us backwards into the depths of human prehistory and forward into a future with ever more astounding versions of artificial intelligence. As we learn about human evolution and the sophistication of our hominid ancestors, and interact with computers that seem to whir with intuitiveness, the questions of human rationality and consciousness become ever more pressing. Does anything distinguish our species from Neanderthals, whose cleverness is only now being fully appreciated? Will we one day produce computers that have subjectivity and consciousness? In this capstone seminar, scientists, philosophers and theologians will join forces with educators to probe the question, “What does it mean to be human?”

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Schedule for 2019

June 30 - 3:30 PM   Registration, followed by Mass and dinner
July 1-2 - Seminar sessions and workshops
July 3 - Seminar morning sessions, the seminar will end a noon. 

Application Details

Let us know if you are interested in attending the 2020 Capstone seminar. Tell us how your school implements efforts to teach at the interface of science and religion. Did you design electives for your students or new lesson plans? On which areas do your teaching efforts focus? Please tell us in the application form!

Submit an Application for Summer 2020

Eligible schools should apply for Capstone with a team of at least two teachers and one administrator. We ask that you contribute $390 per participant for seminar materials, air-conditioned dormitory boarding and meals from Sunday evening to Wednesday lunch. Thanks to the generosity of the John Templeton Foundation, seven school teams will be admitted with all expenses paid except travel (for up to three teachers in your team) and may receive a school stipend of up to $1200 based on the quality of their applications, which should include evidence of significant progress in integrating science and religion in their school curricula.

If you are interested in attending Capstone, please complete the application no later than December 2, 2019. For any questions, please send us an email at or call Patricia Bellm (574) 631-1379 or Jay Martin at (574) 631-1378.

Upcoming Capstone Seminar

June 29- July 2, 2020, planned: "Evolution, Biblical Creation & the Question of Extraterrestrial Life"