Reading Recommendations from 2019 Liturgy Week Presenters

Timothy O'Malley recommends:

  • Eva Illouz, Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation (Polity, 2013).

  • Timothy O’Malley, Off the Hook: God, Love, Dating, and Marriage in a Hookup World (Ave Maria Press, 2018).

  • Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Divine Likeness: Toward a Trinitarian Anthropology of the Family (Eerdmans, 2006).

  • Julie Hanlon Rubio, Family Ethics: Practices for Christians (Georgetown University Press, 2017).

Brad Wilcox recommends:

Brett Robinson recommends:

Nichole Flores recommends:

Daniel McClain recommends:

  • Jerome A. Berryman, Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach (Church Publishing, 2018).

  • William Franke, A Theology of Literature: The Bible as Revelation in the Tradition of the Humanities (Wipf and Stock, 2017).

  • Leroy A. Huizenga, “The Tradition of Christian Allegory Yesterday and Today” in Letter & Spirit, vol. 8 (2013), 77–99.

  • Rowan Williams, The Lion’s World: A Journey into the Heart of Narnia (Oxford University Press, 2013).

Todd Williamson recommends:

  • Celebrating the Liturgy (Liturgy Training Publications, published annually).
    N.B.: This is intergenerational catechetical material from nursery through adult; based on the Lectionary for Mass.

  • Gabe Huck, Liturgy with Style and Grace, third edition revised (Liturgy Training Publications, 2018).

  • Maureen Kelly, Children’s Liturgy of the Word: A Weekly Resource (Liturgy Training Publications, published annually).

  • Joe Paprocki and D. Todd Williamson, Great is the Mystery: The Formational Power of Liturgy (Liturgy Training Publications, 2012).

Pedro Rubalcava recommends:

Carolyn Pirtle recommends:

  • Justin Bartkus and Christian Smith, “Ask your father and he will tell you”: A Report on American Religious Parenting (McGrath Institute for Church Life, Center for the Study of Religion and Society, 2017).

  • David Clayton, The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home (Sophia Institute Press, 2014). [Also recommended by Jessica Keating.]

  • Melissa Musick and Anna Keating, The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts that Make Up a Catholic Life (Image, 2016). [Also recommended by Jessica Keating.]

Jessica Keating recommends:

Kendra Tierney, The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life (Ignatius Press, 2018).