Call for Workshops

Liturgy Week: The Liturgical Orientation of Catholic Education

June 22–25, 2020 at the University of Notre Dame

“In the liturgy, love of learning and desire for God find perfect reconciliation.” 
—Jean LeClercq, The Love of Learning and the Desire for God (251)

Catholic education in the United States is undergoing a transition. Schools, colleges, and universities are asking questions related to Catholic identity; at the same time, they’re wondering about their own survival in a hyper-competitive educational market. Parishes are aware that traditional approaches to religious education, often taking place in the classroom, are ineffective without an accompanying Catholic culture within the broader society. One hour per week over the course of the academic year is insufficient if the student does not participate in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist, parish festivals, and religious life within the family. While families are coming to recognize their own importance as spaces of educational renewal within the Church, few have been sufficiently formed to carry out their educational task.  

Catholic education, therefore, unfolds at the intersection of parish, family, and school. The McGrath Institute for Church Life’s Liturgy Week 2020 submits that the liturgical prayer of the Church has the possibility of orienting the mission of Catholic education across each of these institutions. 

At Liturgy Week 2020, we hope to feature both theoretical and pastoral presentations related to the liturgical orientation of Catholic education within the school, parish, and family. We invite submissions of workshop proposals for Liturgy Week 2020 that deal with this theme. 

Some questions that we hope these workshops address include:

  • What are the theoretical foundations for a Catholic education grounded in liturgical theology and practice? How might these theoretical foundations provide an understanding of education that is uniquely Catholic?

  • How have Catholic schools celebrated the liturgy in a formative way? In what ways have Catholic liturgical theology and practice influenced the curriculum, academic calendar, or architecture of the school? Are there types of Catholic schools that are better equipped to incorporate liturgical prayer into the life of the school than others? What are these types? 

  • What is the role of Catholic liturgical prayer in the college or University? How has liturgical education been used in a variety of campus ministry contexts? 

  • What approaches to parish catechesis have been effective in incorporating the liturgy? How might these approaches renew catechetical formation across the parish?

  • What opportunities exist for the family to serve as a center for liturgical education? What best practices have been employed to form the family in the task of Catholic education oriented toward the liturgy? 

Deadline is November 1, 2019.


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