Liturgy Week participants will select one workshop track and attend two sessions in that track on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Those who choose the tracks in catechesis (Track 2) or liturgical music (Track 3) will have an additional workshop on Thursday afternoon. 

Intended audiences are listed with each option; however, participants are welcome to choose whichever workshop they wish, regardless of their particular ministerial field.

Track 1: Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental Formation for the Whole Church
Learn to approach sacramental preparation and formation in a holistic way, such that the entire person’s life is taken up into the sacramental life.

Timothy O'Malley
Academic Director, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, and Associate Professor, of the Practice, Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame

Suggested Audience: Directors of faith formation, RCIA instructors, marriage preparation formators, ministers responsible for any form of sacramental preparation

Track 2: Catechesis

Forming the Sacramental Imagination of the Child through Literature
Explore how the integration of children’s and young adult literature can aid and enrich the task of catechesis.

Daniel Wade McClain
Director of Program Operations of the Master of Theological Studies
Loyola University Maryland

Suggested Audience: Catechists (including but not limited to those trained in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd), directors of catechesis, directors of religious education, religion teachers

Track 3: Liturgical Music

Teaching Families to Sing: Liturgical Music and the Domestic Church
Discover new ways to engage in music ministry that invite participation from the entire family.

Pedro Rubalcava
Director of Music Development and Outreach, Oregon Catholic Press
Grammy®-nominated composer and performer

Suggested Audience: Directors of liturgical music, choir directors, accompanists, cantors, choir members, instrumentalists

Track 4: Liturgical Formation

Forming Families for Full, Conscious, and Active Participation in the Liturgy
Learn to form families in the liturgical prayer of the Church both within the home and in parish celebrations.

Todd Williamson
Director of the Office of Worship
Archdiocese of Chicago

Suggested Audience: Pastors, directors of liturgy, liturgists directors of catechesis, campus ministers