Caroline Murphy

Program Director, Church Communications Ecology Initiative

240D Geddes Hall

As the Program Director for the Church Communications Ecology Initiative, Caroline works to make the fruits of Catholic scholarship and tradition that pertain to communication, technology, and cultural change useful to ecclesial and lay leaders with the goal of fostering thriving families and parish communities. She connects partner dioceses with academics and specialists around the world, bringing them together through a series of workshops on campus to collaborate in the practical envisioning of an ecological approach to technology and communication that focuses on the interplay of interior life, community life, and cultural life. In addition to designing the workshops and helping form partnerships, Caroline manages the day to day operations of the program, made possible by a grant through the Lilly Foundation. 

Caroline's primary interest is the synthesis of theology and psychology; she majored in both disciplines during her undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame. She completed her senior externship at the CASIE Center, a forensic interviewing facility for abused and neglected children, with a focus on improving relational communication with the children served. Later, she worked with Darcia Narvaez, a developmental psychologist and professor at Notre Dame, with the aim of rendering her research more accessible to postpartum mothers and their families. She is particularly passionate about facilitating awareness of neurobiology, attachment, and developmental psychology illuminated by the Catholic understanding of the human person. Toward that end, she did some postgraduate coursework in theology at the International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria, and worked at the South Bend Women's Care Center in crisis pregnancy counseling and outreach. 

Caroline's greatest joy is being mother to Vivian, Jack, and Catherine, and she loves spending time with her parents, siblings, and adorable nephew Conor.